Reflecting on the past 30 years since I embarked on an Air India flight to go to boarding school in India, full of excitement and anticipation, not realizing the reality of what lay ahead. Growing up in a Kundalini Yoga ashram - we took yoga and cold showers for granted, as well as the healthy lifestyle.

Even the simplest of yoga positions or a few minutes of breath of fire can shift people so much that have no tools to shift themselves out of their mind - Yogi Bhajan, if I learned only one thing (I can't count or explain into words everything I did learn), is that when you are at your lowest, no matter how low that is or how much pain and drama you are in in your own life, if you extend a hand, in any way shape or form to someone else and asking for nothing in return, to Uplift them like a forklift - that is what life is about - SERVING others.

It is not about what you do, who you are, where you live, what your zipcode is or how many square feet your closet is....ARE YOU COMFORTABLE WITHIN YOU OR NOT? How much can you extend yourself to help another when you think you cannot? - Try it sometime - reach out - teach out - help out - even when people smile on the outside they are suffering on the inside.