Welcome! You are about to embark a unique and deeply transformational healing process for you and your family in relationship to your home and work environments.


Mahankirn has been trained by various forms of healing modalities for over 20 years by yoga and meditation masters from India and Mexico. She is highly intuitive and perceptive and can sense and heal different aspects of the body – such as how the different meridians, chakras, and mind is working in the person, and how it is manifesting in the home. Our homes and offices are a projection of our own selves, and have their own electromagnetic field and frequency and thus manifest with certain personalities or tendencies.


During the process, it is important that there is a main point person/occupant available for the entire time. Mahankirn uses a main person to sense what is happening and they are the focal point to experience the process. Other house members may be present or available for at least 30 minutes during her visit. She may ask each of you to lay down for 20 minutes for an individual Sat Nam Rasayan® healing session. She often gives a meditation homework assignment to assist you in integrating the process.


Each person is unique and responds differently. It is important to recognize over the few hours after or even few days or weeks that a healing process is occurring. Since the electromagnetic field of the property is adjusted, you may want to change things in the home. Some people purge old things, or completely change around furniture and re-paint.

Follow-up Visit

The follow-up visit 4 weeks after is optional and highly recommended.


    Do I need to prepare?

  • There is no preparation necessary, except to provide the requested info before the appointment. Have no expectations.

  • How much time is needed?

  • 1-2 hours for a single member household and 2-4 hours for larger homes.

  • Is it Feng Shui?

  • No. Feng shui deals with a set system and pattern and applies it to the home. Mahankirns approach takes the person/(s) into account as the main system. She may utilize an aspect of Feng Shui but that is not the primary focus. Many of her clients have completed Feng Shui multiple times and then consult with her to experience an overall healing impact.

  • Is it similar to Family Constellations?

  • There are aspects that are included that are in alignment to the Family constellation system.

  • Do I need to move anything, add anything or change anything?

  • Mahankirn will assess the main points of energy blockage in your space. You are not required to move or change anything, however once the healing is complete, you may feel the natural urge to change or shift things around. She may make a few suggestions, all which are optional for you.

If you have any questions about the process please let me know. I may be reached on my cell at 310.467.0561. Please be present and available during the appointment with no/minimal interruptions. If other members are present please let me know in advance.

“ Thank you again and again for your help today. After you left I actually relaxed on my couch watching a movie and then took a very deep, deep nap. Very different than what I have ever experienced. Feel like I could do anything. Taking it slow though today. Will keep you posted. Your visit was such a gift to me!" - Terri Powell

“Mahankirn's visit to my home changed everything. In the space of an afternoon, she healed the space and caused a palatable energy shift in eve ry room and every corner. I could feel my body respond to her work and relax and settle into deeper levels of comfort and security than I have ever felt. And her expert suggestions of where to re - place objects and furniture items have made the space muc h more dynamic and functional. My space is now vibrant and flowing and I am finding myself suddenly bursting with creativity and drawn to much healthier patterns. Mahankirn is truly a gift.” - Mark Folkman

“ As a reluctant "Yogi" for over 25 years now - despite myself - I have been blessed to meet and study with some of the greatest teachers and healers of our time. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga performed a miracle for me at our first meeting in 1989 that pretty much shattered my Midwestern skepticism and instantly I was able to work with energy and see where it was blocked in others - eventually I learned to remove those blocks - Mahankirn Khalsa - having spent her whole life serving and studying with Yogi Bhajan has become one of the finest Kundalini Yoga Teachers we have and a profoundly gifted healer - and she has been taught to apply the Science of Kundalini yoga to clear and "heal" spaces - removing blocks and negative "tendencies" - ( I was open to this but my skepticism returned !) W hen she worked on my Apartment in the West Village last year It was shattered again - Somehow she completely shifted my experience and relationship to my living space - and illuminated the areas that were stuck or did not serve and nurture my health and deve lopment. It was as transforming and powerful as any hands on or energy based healing I ever had. My home became more than a safe haven - it became an environment where I could experiment with my music again - singing, composing, writing, and it became a pl ace to explore my personal yoga practice again - as a creative adventure instead of a routine - and most of all it became my personal healing space while I recovered from Total Hip Replacement in Feb 2012 - that was the greatest gift she gave me (so far!! ) I know that my recovery was supported and hastened by the work she did on my apartment. It's baffling and quite challenging to find words for but "the proof is in the pudding" and Mahan's Kirn's work on my space has lasted to this very moment - and I sus pect her work has no expiration date, and like Yogi Bhajan's teachings - are beyond time as we generally understand it. Blessings ” - John (the yoga guy) NYC