Healing Sessions

Sat Nam Rasayan ® Healing Treatments assist with physical ailments, chronic conditions, stress reduction and personal transformation.

Distance or in person available.

Sat Nam Rasayan®, (SNR) means “deep healing in the divine” and has been practiced by the Sages and Saints in India for centuri es. SNR® is a meditative healing technique that assists with dissolving blockages w ithin the system, enabling the self-healing powers of the body to become effective again.

SNR® is non-invasive and can be very beneficial for pain, emotional and mental disorders, stress, chronic conditions and severe illnesses. I t allows the client to experience a deeper understanding of Self, and assists on the path of personal transformation.

Other healings:
Constitutional Home Balancing
Align Your Destiny
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“I feel it is my honorable duty to let people know the way Mahankirn Kaur has focused the universal healing power into my body and being .... she is one of the best healers in the world” —Yogi Bhajan

All other healings + Home / Office Cleaning please email mahankirnassistant@gmail.com

Someone from the team will personally reach out to you and schedule your treatment.