Align To Your Destiny Healing

A MahBoundLotus® Treatment aligns you with your destiny. It is a sacred experience of coming into relationship with yourself at your highest level. The experience is unique for each person.

This form was first taught to Mahankirn by Yogi Bhajan. She has trained a few other healers in this treatment form.

What Happens During A Mahboundlotus Treatment?

The client sits comfortably cross legged, and may choose to lean against a cushioned wall for back support, or to lie down.

The practitioner sits before the client in Bound Lotus posture for thirty-one minutes, while at the same time practicing Sat Nam Rasayan. Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR) shares a lineage with Kundalini Yoga and is a form of healing using the meditative, projective mind.

After this time, the client and the practitioner sit face to face, while the practitioner uses a technique of Sat Nam Rasayan administered through the eyes. This is sometimes called "bringing infinity through the eyes."

This second phase of the treatment does not have a set time, and can last as long as approximately 22 minutes.

During the second phase the practitioner and client also synchronize breathing. This is a simple process that will be shown to you during your treatment.

I received a Bound Lotus treatment from Mahankirn on Christmas Day of 2005, and it was truly the best Christmas gift ever. In the year following, I was able to generate change in my life that had been on hold or stalled for years. I progressed and transformed more spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and in terms of financial prosperity than I would have believed possible in twelve short months--and I have been a dedicated healer of the self for well over a decade! It was as though each new transformation fueled another level of growth, almost without pause

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