DAY 19 - 40 Day Sadhana
You are already perfect!

Don't Give up Before you Start

I have wish lists and dreams, and they continue to change. I want to paint and dance and do a triathalon again after 20 years. I ran yesterday on the beach for 5 minutes, the first time I have ran since 2000 when I had an injury after running on the beach out of the water that landed me in a wheelchair. I had so much fear and panic in my body for those 5 minutes, and I convinced myself to stop every second but I kept going. Yes my foot hurt my knee hurt and I was scared that I would injure like 20 years ago. But I didn't. And that was a great 5 minutes.

What do you want to start but are afraid to or feel like you don't have the time? Just start, and "Don't give up before you start"!

I am signing up for a triathalon in September in Malibu! Anyone who wants to join let me know!