DAY 15 - 40 Day Sadhana
You are already perfect!

Simple Suffer Less Sunday Meditation

Sundays are great - Relaxing, chillaxing, and also lots to do to get ready for the week.

Today, whether you are taking it easy or have loads to do, try alternate breathing for 1-5 minutes.

For Stress: Left Nostril Breathing

If you feel stressed, or just want to calm yourself and go deeper than you are, close your right nostril with any finger. (don't put it up your nostril!) Breathe through your left nostril for 1-5 mintues. Feel how you feel after it is amazing.

For Vitality: Right Nostril Breathing

If you feel low in energy or your mind is sluggish, close your left nostril and breathe through your right for 1-5 minutes. Almost better than coffee!

Enjoy your day - and share this simple exercise with a stranger or a friend or enemy.