DAY 14 - 40 Day Sadhana
You are already perfect!

Don't Meditate - Why people don't and how you can teach your friends and family who won't

I went to a local homeless shelter on Thanksgiving dinner night, and the ladies were hungry and ready for Turkey. There were 60-70 of them, beautiful souls that looked just like you and me but due to unforseen circumstances were homeless. The director asked me to do what I do. They were agitated, hungry and looking at me how normal people look at me - Like I am an alien.

I asked if they wanted to meditate - "NO" "I don't do that" "I don't know how" "I am hungry" were the responses.

I said that was going to do a 3 Minute Kundalini Meditation called "DON"T MEDITATE" where you literally don't meditate.

I did it, and one brave woman joined me, then she said it was easy as all you have to do is think which is what you normally do all day long.

The position puts you in a natural meditative state, and by resisting meditation, thinking and thinking, it puts you deeper,

So one whole table did it, felt great, and I went to each table, they asked for more, I gave them free books of 3 Minute Start Portable Kundalini Yoga and they all wanted extra for their families. They wanted to know when I was coming back.

3 Minutes of Don't Meditate can turn your family and friends into avid meditators without any of the religion, yoga mats or voo doo.

Enjoy, and share to those who may not even have access.

This attached video is real and non-scripted and not planned, the 2 gentleman were at a party that we crashed and had not done this or met me before.