About My Name

My birth given name is Mahankirn Kaur Khalsa, which means Great Ray of Light. I got the nickname "Mahani" from my aunt as my mother had the exact same name.

I feel like a cat that has lived almost of my 9 lives, each of them quite full. I have been to the top of amazing spiritual experiences and to the depths of contemplating suicide from pain I never wish on my worst enemy.

I was born in Florida, to American parents that adopted a religion from India, known as Sikhism. I was raised doing yoga and meditation before I could walk, and I wore only white and blue, and a tall turban around my head to Montessori school. I didn't feel different inside from everyone else around, but my appearance created a barrier between myself and the other classmates that called me diaper head or Q-tip head and threw eggs at our garage door.

I took yoga for granted throughout my teenage years, where I attended a boarding school in India away from my parents starting when I was 8 years old. Fast-forwarding a few stories and many years, I was 18 and was asked to work and study directly under Yogi Bhajan, the only known Master of Kundalini Yoga, who brought the secret teachings of this yoga tradition to the public from India to USA in 1969. I learned the art and science of yoga and meditation, and the healing tradition using the meditative mind in Silence known as Sat Nam Rasayan®. In 1995 I was appointed as Yogi Bhajan's personal healer for 10 years, during this time I worked full time in Corporate finance while getting my undergraduate degree in Business Management and Master's degree in Accounting and passed the CPA exams. I started out as the assistant to the assistant, and eventually was the Senior Financial Officer for 14 different corporations with all of the CFO's reporting to me.

During this time, in 2000 while on a business trip in Acapulco, I was running out of the water and twisted my foot. No swelling or broken bones...but somehow the twist developed into a debilitating disease known as RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or know more commonly known as CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I have travelled the world practicing and teaching yoga and extensive meditation and healing events, experienced corporate America, falling in love... marriage then the heart ache of divorce, foreclosure on my home, studied with 2 of the finest Yoga and Healing Masters, have been paralyzed for a year on 2 separate occasions 10 years apart and fully recovered, and now have had debilitating daily headaches for almost 2 years and just got diagnosed with Chronic Lyme’s Disease. Oh - I forgot, I was hit by a bus and left for dead in India in 1994, and sprained my neck from a large TV falling on my head. My house burned down and I lost everything in 2002, and later the contents of a pressure cooker exploded in my face and I had 3rd degree burns across my face. My family often wonders if my life will continue to have tragedies. I don't see them as such. A life of a Yogi I have found the worst slander, poverty, pain is the same as the highest praise, wealth and freedom. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT THE SAME MOMENT.

It is not funny but a bit ironic that out of the first paralysis came my first book "Mah BOUND LOTUS" which has sold thousands of copies and I have taught the technique to thousands of students.

The second book, DVD and apps of "THREE MIN START®" started and was completed during the last 2 years with a significant bank loan, while my head was exploding all day, as it brought me inspiration to wake up in the morning and I had to stop traveling and work on something to stay sane. For each book sold, we donate one mini book of 11 Three Min Start techniques to those in need at shelters and at risk youth centers. We have created Three Min Start for YOU – for yoga skeptics and avid yogis who have 3 minutes to adjust the flow of in the body and mind to have a better day.