About - 3 Minute Start

Reboot in three minutes or less with easy and effective techniques to radically improve mood and performance. Designed for busy lives, each exercise is simple to do and can be done anywhere. Thousands of years ago, it was tradition to keep these techniques that expanded the mind and awareness sacred and secret. These teachings were only transmitted directly from Master to student. Times have changed and now we have access to this information on our mobile devices.

These Three Min start techniques really work—they shift the flow in your body and mind and allow you to have a better moment, a better rest of your day. -Mahankirn Kaur

I’m sure it’s not just me. The only times I ever look at an owner’s manual are when I need a quick fix. So, I begin my search by thumbing, move through the table of contents and finally on to the index where, with luck, I may find multiple instances where the key word appears. Then I must check each one, requiring the use of several fingers to hold my place. This usually happens at a time when I have already exhausted my formerly large supply of patience and have begun the familiar plunge into the depths of desperation. In many cases, there is either no information at all, or paragraphs which have been translated by Google from, perhaps, Swahili. And that’s just for a phone, or a printer, or maybe an air filter. What about a human? What happens when my system gets stressed? I don’t want a college level text, a pop psych revelation or a trip to India. Certainly not a pill. A wonderful thing has happened. Renowned yogi and healer, MahanKirn Khalsa has addressed this annoyance and offered a viable solution. She has reached into her vast knowledge of ancient yogic techniques and found some simple gems that can be done by anyone (present company included) to undeniable effect. In three minutes. This stuff works. You don’t need to wonder, or tax your imagination, or think, yeah… maybe I did feel a little something… This stuff flat out works. It’s easy, fun, portable. And even if it can’t tell you how to access the cloud or change the size of a print, there is certainly something there to release your stress over the problem. In three minutes. - Anonymous User